Best Selection of Cardcaptor Bags

I knew I was going to get my little sister a cardcaptor sakura selfie stick for her birthday. What I didn’t know is where I would find one at a reasonable price. She’s really into Anime and Asian culture as well as into social media so I knew she wanted a selfie stick. She likes to take a lot of pictures, and I do mean a lot, and post them online. She bothers me all the time to take her photo so I thought getting her a selfie stick would be perfect. Then she wouldn’t be bothering me all the time.

Where to find one? The only thing I could find around here was just a basic stick that was long and looked sort of like a fishing rod. It was way too big for a young pre-teen girl. I wanted something colorful and loud because that’s what she liked. She loves the over-sized Anime style clothing and accessories. But it also had to be small enough that she could carry it around, preferably in a bag, and still be easy to use. I hopped on the computer to see if I could find the perfect stick for her to use.

Sure enough I found some. They had a name I wasn’t familiar with, but I do have to say they were adorable. She was sure to grab some attention from her friends using a stick that had a colorful yet goofy looking bird head on it. I went ahead and ordered one and had it sent to me. When it arrived I took it out and smiled at the goofiness of it. The best thing about it is that it is durable. I tried to bend it and couldn’t do it. That means it will last. She squealed with delight when I gave it to her so I think I did well!