Hoop Earrings Can Give You Fashion Leverage

There are more than a few different types of hoop earrings and you should definitely learn as much as you can about them if you really enjoy the idea of wearing them. While the world of jewelry is highly varied both in terms of structure and style, nothing takes away from the basic and classic design of hoops. You probably think that hoops are simple and cheap and that you can buy and wear them without really thinking about it. Sure you could take this route but you’ll miss out on so much interesting knowledge.

In this article we will share a few things about hoop earrings that not many people know.

When you love hoops, you need to have an open mind both in terms of design and style as well as alternatives to traditional designs. These sorts of earrings don’t generally turn up in a normal retail store. These kinds of alternative designs are usually only produced by smaller artists who work with things like ceramics and enamel. Some, however, prefer to incorporate a variety of different quality metals as well.

It makes sense because artists take a lot of pride in the things they create. You are going to find that these things usually have higher prices. The trade-off here is that they’ll last for quite a long time–they can even be turned into heirlooms. Colors are important in all situations in fashion and really in many other areas as well. Keep this in mind as you seek out your hoop earrings. Essentially what you want to do is create a good fashion concept. When it comes to colors, think about warm vs cool. White gold is an example of a cooler color as is silver and as is platinum. The opposite colors are warmer, like rose or yellow gold. If you like to change the color of your hair or your highlights, you’ll want to have hoops of both kinds–cold and warm so that your look is complete and that works well.

There are many areas you want to examine when you are building your collection of hoop earrings. You’ve already heard this about a bunch of other things too. The biggest consideration you need to think about is your overall lifestyle. Even if you are outdoors on the weekends, you can still wear hoops. For safety’s sake, stick with “huggie” hoops–the very small sized kind. Typically, a safe hoop for a workplace setting is something that is medium sized. Stay conservative while you’re at work; you don’t want to make a bad impression. A modest sized hoop is required for formal occasions more often than not.

Regardless of your facial configuration, there are many hoop earring styles that will be perfect for you. The choice of hoop earrings is unlimited and each year newer styles and designs are being introduced. Collect a nice variety of hoop earrings that let you define your fashion statement.