Le Vian Chocolatier Smoky Quartz and Diamond Ring in 14k Rose Gold

This particular ring at Macy’s really caught my eye today.  The blend of smokey quartz and chocolate diamonds and gold is stunning beyond all explanation.

Chocolate diamond Ring

If you are fascinated with rich brown diamonds, then you can find them at Le Vian. This highly trusted fashion jewelry maker uses just high quality natural brown diamonds in developing the finest diamond fashion jewelries. The market name for ideal brown diamonds is Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds The name is stemmed from the rich chocolate color and flavor of brown diamonds.

When speaking about diamonds, the first thing that comes to mind is the standard colorless diamond. It is the popular diamond because a great deal of individuals are using colorless diamond fashion jewelries, especially when going to official and unique events. Diamonds are understood for their radiance, fire, sparkle, and irresistible beauty.

If you want to buy diamond jewelry, then you have to be aware of that diamonds come in numerous colors such as brown, blue, red, among many others. The natural colored diamonds are unusual to find and are really costly. If you want a more affordable counterpart, then go with a color treated diamonds. They don’t have a market resale value though.

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levian chocolate diamonds