My First Commissioned Jewelry Piece Included a 100 Carat Gemstone

I make jewelry, but I have never taken any commissioned orders until recently. A person I sell a lot of pieces to asked me if I would make a piece for her that included citrine. Most people know citrine gems as lemon quartz gemstones. There was no problem there, but she asked for a giant pendant that would include a citrine gem in a cushion shape that is 100 carats in size. I never made anything that big before. I had actually spent years perfecting my craft of making smaller pieces. It was a real challenge to come up with a design that would look good with a 100 carat gem that is yellow.

Then she told me I had to find a place to get the citrine in that size as well. I thought she already had the big gem and was just wanting me to make it into something. I found a place online that has all kinds of gems including the lemon quartz gemstones I needed. I needed the big 100 carat one and some smaller ones for the design I was making. It was a challenge to make a pendant that was big and study enough to hold up to daily wear with such a large stone and setting. Plus, I was worried that the patron of the commission would not like what I came up with. I had not ever made a piece this big before. To me it was huge and funny looking, but I tried to make it as sleek and as fashionable as I could with what I had to work with. Trying to make a pendant with a 100 carat stone look elegant and not like something royalty would have to wear during a coronation is tough. However, the patron liked my design and commissioned a larger piece.