How to Distinguish Between Authentic Chocolate Diamonds?

Diamonds are an expensive piece of jewelry known for their timeless beauty, durability, and elegance. If you are going to buy diamonds, then be aware that there are different types of diamonds. We are all aware of the traditional white, clear diamonds. If you want a different one, then opt for colored diamonds like the chocolate diamonds.

The Chocolate Diamonds is a registered brand of the Le Vian Group, a company that uses high-quality brown diamonds in creating fine jewelry piece. Chocolate Diamonds are known for their irresistible charm and decadent beauty. When shopping for a chocolate diamond, you have to be aware that there are imitation diamonds, and they look exactly like authentic ones in a glance. Therefore, you have to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills on spotting fake diamonds.

Check for perfection

Many of us have this notion in mind that authentic diamonds are flawless. Well, this is not always the case. Diamond in its purest sense has tiny flaws that give the diamonds flawless diamondsmore brilliance and radiance. If you look at the diamond with your bare eyes, you will notice that it has something inside. If you see through it using a microscope, you will see tiny inclusions. How will you be able to distinguish a fake one? Well, fake diamonds have zero degrees of brilliance and radiance. Look through the side of the diamond and if you can see from through it, then it is fake.

Mount and setting

Real diamonds are mounted in highly expensive metals like solid gold. Fake diamonds are set in less expensive metals like silver and stainless steel.

Use the following tests when checking for chocolate diamonds

Reading test

You can easily spot a fake diamond by simply putting it in the newspaper. A fake diamond will let you see through it all in just a glance. Always keep in mind that it is impossible for the light to pass all the way through real diamonds because of intricacies.

Sandpaper test

If there is one distinct characteristic of diamonds, it would be their unmatched hardness. Authentic diamonds are scratch proof. Now, if you want to know whether your diamonds are real or not, all you need to do is get sandpaper and vigorously scratch the diamond on the surface of the sandpaper. A fake diamond becomes nicked once you scratch it to either wet or dry sandpaper.

Buying chocolate diamonds

For authentic chocolate diamonds, make sure you purchase straight from Le Vian. It is a company known for creating only the finest diamond jewelry. Le Vian offers a huge

white gold chocolate diamond ring
Le Vian Chocolate Diamond Ring

array of choices when it comes to chocolate diamond jewelry such as rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and a whole lot more. The diamonds offered by Le Vian are reasonably priced, and so you can always find a chocolate diamond jewelry that not only suits your taste but your budget. If for any reasons you can’t purchase straight from them, and then there are authorized re-sellers such as Kays, Zales, and Jared. If you prefer buying from someone else, then make sure you carefully check its authenticity.





Chocolate Diamonds – More Than Just Fashion

Chocolate diamonds are two words that will surely catch the attention of many people. At first, you will think that it is a diamond dipped in delicious chocolate. It is a sumptuous idea, but it is not all about mouth-watering chocolates. Chocolate diamonds refer to natural brown diamonds known for their deep dark brown color. They are beautiful and irresistibly charming. No wonder why a lot of Hollywood celebrities were spotted wearing chocolate diamonds.

Distinct color of chocolate diamonds

Chocolate diamonds have a unique brown color. If you are going to compare chocolate diamonds from other brown diamond jewelry in the market, you will notice that the former has darker and stronger hue. Chocolate diamonds are known for its consistent depth, tone, and color distribution. High-quality brown diamonds were used and set in expensive metals like rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. The styles and designs are impeccably made. The brown diamonds are perfectly added to different types of jewelry like rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and the likes. As chocolate diamonds become more and more popular, the demand increases, this also increases the value of chocolate diamonds. One of the world’s leaders in creating high-quality diamond jewelry is Le Vian. The Le Vian Group is the company behind the famous chocolate diamonds. This company has created high-quality brown diamond pieces and sold on the market at a reasonable price. There choices available to you are unlimited, and you will surely find them all lovable and irresistible. Their creations look rich, luscious, and delicious.

Keep these things in mind when buying chocolate diamonds

Just like buying the clear conventional diamonds, there are some things you have to check when buying chocolate diamonds. One of the important factors to take into account is clarity. If you want high-quality brown diamonds, then you should make sure the diamond you purchase is free from black spots and inclusions. It is impossible though to find a diamond that is free from inclusion, but at least choose the one that has lesser inclusions. Color grade does matter too, but it can be disregarded as long as the diamond has unmatched clarity and precisely cut. The clarity, rarity, and cut are what make the brown diamonds naturally shiny and beautiful. At the end of the day, choosing a shade of brown is all about personal preference and taste.

Where can you buy chocolate diamonds?

Chocolate Diamonds are available at the leading online and offline jewelry stores. However, you have to keep in mind that not all chocolate diamonds sold today are real. There are fake brown diamonds pretending to be genuine chocolate diamonds, and they are being sold at a much affordable price. They look like real chocolate diamonds, but they do not have value. Their colors fade over time. If you want to get genuine chocolate diamonds, then you should buy straight from Le Vian as well as its authorized dealers like Kays, Jared, and Zales. Do not forget to ask for a certificate of authenticity.